Refunds & Returns

You may request a refund and cancel the activation of your new CubaMobile service for any reason within seven (7) calendar days of activation, and we will refund the full purchase price and associated taxes and fees, provided that:

(i) you have purchased a CubaMobile plan at and (ii) send your request via email to to cancel the activation of your new service (collectively, the “7-day money-back guarantee” or “Risk-Free 7-Day Trial”).

For plans purchased through CubaMobile’s official page, refund requests must be made through

You do not need to physically return the SIM kit to cancel the activation of your new service. Refunds will be processed within ten (10) business days of your contact. We will not refund funds loaded to your account, including unused data or international roaming.

You are not eligible for a refund for purchases made through third parties not described in this document. You are not eligible to request a refund for a new CubaMobile service activation or SIM kit when forty-five (45) calendar days have passed from the date of purchase (“45-day refund exclusion”).

SIM kits that are subject to the 45-day refund exclusion and are not subsequently activated will automatically become inactive after three (3) years from the date of purchase.

Contact Information

Phone: (305) 863-3000
Address: 6200 NW 7th St, Ste 260335, Miami Florida 33126

Last updated: January 9th, 2023.

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